Some months ago I took out a health plan with Jacqui Shaw from Coralline Health in Brixham. For me the decision was a simple one, as firstly as an athlete who spends a lot of time undergoing some kind of physical therapy or repair for my ailing body, it was a no brainer as the policy enabled me to have treatment at a reduced rate, and secondly I like the idea of dealing with someone who genuinely has your best interests at heart.

Recently, due to a technical issue with the banking systems a claim took longer to process than usual. I was able to call on the personal service of Jacqui to get this rectified as a matter of urgency for me. Jacqui took ownership of my case and ensured that it was followed through to the point that it was resolved; something that can be somewhat of a challenge with large online businesses.

It’s fair to say that we don’t always get things right, and from time to time things happen that are beyond our control. The difference in this case was the ‘personal service’ that Jacqui’s business provides; not hiding behind excuses, but taking responsibility to get the situation resolved quickly, and keeping me informed along the way.