Additional Services

It has never been more important to ensure that your finances are well looked after and are working for you than in recent years.

At Coralline Health we believe in looking after our clients health and finances in the best way possible. To ensure your needs in all areas are fully understood and met we have built a partnership with local Financial and Legal Advisers who have a wealth of experience in Legal and Financial Services.

They can help you and your families in the following areas:

  • Family Protection – ensuring your family do not suffer financially in the unfortunate event of a Critical Illness or death.
  • Retirement planning – Helping you plan to lead the lifestyle you would like in Retirement.
  • Buying a home – Mortgage advice from specialists.
  • Capital Gains Planning – For those with assets subject to capital gains wishing to reduce or mitigate their exposure to Capital Gains Tax on a sale or transfer.
  • Estate Planning – Helping you to plan your estate to ensure your beneficiaries receive what you intend rather than paying to much Inheritance Tax.
  • Long Term Care Planning – helping to ensure the cost of long term care can be met with the minimum effect on your wealth.
  • Making a Will – ensuring that your estate passes to your chosen beneficiaries

If you wish to have a discussion about your finances and how to make your money go further then contact us.