Precision Corporate Healthcare

A fresh approach to healthcare

Whether designing your Group Scheme from scratch, or transferring from another insurer, we aim to be able to match your objectives and requirements as closely as possible so you have precisely what you want and need.

Precision Corporate Healthcare offers health insurance, Cash Plan and dental benefits. Traditionally these were separate products – they can now be rolled into one, thereby offering a tailored and flexible healthcare package. An extensive range of benefits enables you to create a healthcare scheme that’s tailored to your company’s budget and your business requirements.

Precision Corporate Healthcare allows single or multiple categories of cover and we will work with you to create a group scheme that fits your company’s needs.

A transparent approach to data

Until now, it’s been difficult to understand how often staff use their healthcare benefits. Health insurers haven’t always been willing to share data, making it difficult for companies to understand the value of their benefits.

You can now benefit from a level of transparency and clarity unheard of in the insurance industry.

Gain insight into exactly how your Group Scheme is being used, what is driving premium increases and, ultimately, model your Group Scheme to best fit your business needs.

Employer Benefits  

      • Reduce staff absenteeism due to ill-health.
      • Improve productivity with employees getting quicker access to private medical treatments.
      • Combine health insurance, cash plan and dental benefits into one tailored flexible healthcare scheme.
      • Improve staff wellbeing for a healthier workforce.
      • Flexibility of scheme design with the ability to mix and match benefits.
      • Fund the health cover using a Group Deductible (corporate excess) to reduce premiums.