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Healthcare Planning

We all know that healthcare is changing. As medical techniques advance and more treatments become available the cost of providing care is also increasing and many of us don’t realise just how expensive good care can be… or when we may need it. That’s why having a health insurance policy can be a really good thing. We call it healthcare planning.

What we do

Coralline Health facilitates fast access to high quality medical diagnosis and treatment through a comprehensive choice of healthcare products for individuals, families and businesses via our insurer partner. With backgrounds in the NHS and the insurance sector we have unrivalled knowledge and expertise; we are both professional and approachable and we are always available to listen to you so that we can provide the best service and advice that is underpinned by honesty, integrity and trust…

Value for money

We operate as part of Western Provident Association (WPA) whose policies are competitively priced to provide value for money. So if you are looking at health insurance for the first time or you think that you are paying too much for an existing policy – or maybe you are worried about the effects on your premium that a claim may have, please contact us as we are here to help and we provide free consultations with no obligation; we simply want to help you to get the best value from your health insurance.

How we work

  • Taking an interest: we care very much about individual needs and we treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Open and transparent: we tell you about the small print, so you know what you are covered for and importantly what you are not covered for.
  • Value for money: WPA provide medical plans, dental plans and cash plans that are designed to be affordable just when you need it most.
  • Help and advice: we love looking after our customers, no question is too silly and we are always happy to talk.
  • Professional expertise: we know that health is very personal and we pride ourselves on looking after all customers confidentially and personally.

A conversation is never wasted. Most of our customers benefit from a FREE review of their current health insurance arrangements. If you would like an affordable healthcare plan, please contact us today.

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Jacqui Shaw

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Pauline Neal

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Amy Strickland

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About our insurer partner WPA

WPA is one of the UK’s most respected health insurers offering excellent value and quality of service that is second to none. When it comes to your health you want the best, and that’s exactly what you get from WPA.
WPA provide our customers with the freedom to choose who treats them as we believe this is a clinical decision and not a commercial one.

WPA have worked closely with the small to medium sized business sector over many years and have a range of health insurance products for companies of all sizes – from just 2 employees through to major corporate organisations.

WPA enjoys the support of leading brokers and intermediaries who share our ethos. In short, WPA treat others how we want to be treated ourselves. WPA continue to invest in technology that helps us deliver a seamless and efficient service.

Choosing the right health insurer is so important, we are glad that we run a healthcare practice for WPA, a leading UK not for profit health insurer. They invest in the things that matter, customer experience and ease of claiming.

We are delighted to announce that WPA have won the British Insurance Technology Award and the Digital Technology Leaders Award for DELOS.

Developed entirely by WPA, DELOS is an autonomous operating system that uses machine learning and nascent artificial intelligence to manage the complex decisions our Customer Support Officers make every day.

DELOS has transformed the way we operate using best in class technology and we are proud to be recognised with such esteemed accolades.