I met with Amy when I came across the WPA scheme on a companies notice board. I made contact and we met for coffee. Amy supported me through the whole process of finding the right scheme for my organisation.
Having over 50 staff, and with the cost of living increasing, we wanted to ensure we had something that was sustainable and affordable for our organisation but equally that was going to add value for our staff team.

Amy was so informative, and supported me through all aspects of implementation. I am so grateful, and I can not express what a difference this has made to our team, staff morale and peace of mind.

One of my favourite aspects of the scheme was the remote access to GPs being able to contact a doctor who is able to advise and prescribe. I recently used this service for my son, and the GP was so thorough and the booking process was easy, and I was able to give all the information, without needing to take significant time out of my day.