Special Offer

Special Offer

Purchase a new policy and enjoy discounted premiums for three years:
25% in the first year,
15% in the second year and
5% in the third year.

New customers who buy between 30/04/20 and 29/07/20 will receive a 25% discount in the first year of cover, decreasing to 15% in the second year and 5% in the third. For full terms and conditions visit: wpa.org.uk/flexiblehealth

This offer applies when buying a Flexible Health (essentials, premier and elite) policy.

Flexible Health – tailored to suit your needs and budget

Our range of Flexible Health Policies (Essentials, Premier and Elite) offer three different levels of cover with the flexibility to tailor your options, delivering certainty and peace of mind to you and your loved ones, no matter what your budget may be.

In addition, if you are self-employed or a member of a WPA recognised profession, you can benefit from substantial discounts. For qualifying criteria and our list of recognised professions visit wpa.org.uk/qualify.

There are a range of joining (underwriting) terms available and no medical examination is required. A maximum joining age of 65 applies. Pre-existing and long term medical conditions may not be covered.