Special Offer

Special Offer

Add your partner or family member free for a year or receive a 25% discount for single cover policies. Plus, receive a 10% discount in the second year.

New customers who buy between 08/01/20 and 29/04/20. Second eldest on cover is free in the first year; if only one person applies for cover a 25% discount will apply. 10% discount will apply in the second year.

Only one offer per household. For full terms and conditions visit wpa.org.uk.

This offer applies when buying a Flexible Health (essentials, premier and elite) policy.

Flexible Health – tailored to suit your needs and budget

Our range of Flexible Health Policies (Essentials, Premier and Elite) offer 3 different levels of cover with the flexibility to tailor your options.

In addition, if you are self-employed or a member of a WPA recognised profession, you can benefit from substantial discounts. For qualifying criteria and our list of recognised professions visit wpa.org.uk/qualify.

There are a range of joining (underwriting) terms available and no medical examination is required. A maximum joining age of 65 applies. Pre-existing and long term medical conditions may not be covered.