Special Offer

Special Offer

Partner Goes Free

And receive 10% off in the second year.

Applies to:

Flexible Health
Multi-family Healthcare

This offer is available to policies starting between 5 September 2019 and 27 November 2019.

The second oldest person on the policy will benefit from free cover for the first year only.

If only one person is applying for cover then an offer of 25% discount will apply in the first year.

The eldest paying and second oldest (free) member have to select the same cover options.

A 10% discount will apply in the second year.

Only one offer will apply per household.

This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer and is available to new customers to WPA only.

It does not apply to existing customers wishing to transfer their policy to the same plan or one providing similar cover.

This offer does not apply to company paid schemes.