Pauline Neal

I have over 30 years’ experience working within the NHS over a wide range of roles, so I know from the inside what health care is all about and how to get the best planning in place. I say that if you really want to know how the NHS works, then you need to have been part of it; I trained as a nurse and was staff nurse for urology and intensive care before moving on to managing a busy surgical ward in my position as a Ward Sister where I learnt a great deal.

After many years of proudly serving our clients at Coralline Health, my role has now changed to Board Director where I use my experience to help support and develop the team.

one thing that you will never hear when you call us.

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You see, your call really is important to us and what’s more we think that when you want to find out about health planning that you should speak with people who have first-hand experience in both insurance and healthcare – and that’s exactly what we have, so take a look here to find out about us, our history and why we know what we are talking about!