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Property prices remained resilient in 2017 despite economic uncertainty and the looming prospect of Brexit, so how is 2018 shaping up? Are regional cities set for a boom? If you are thinking about putting your property on the market or just having a nose around, it maybe a good idea to speak to the local experts, Julian Marks… which is exactly what we have done. You can read more here.

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The word “continuity” can be defined in just two words: Julian Marks. For those who may not know the name, Julian Marks are the top selling estate and letting agents operating in and around Plymouth and in this article, we speak with Julian Partridge and Mark Flynn about their business success, and we also learn about why they chose to work with Coralline Health.

Julian: “Mark and I have both been Directors of multi office firms in the past and in 2011 we decided to put our experience together to form a high quality, single office, independent sales and lettings agency. Our aim is simple: to be the best and to stay at the top – which is exactly what we continue to achieve.”

All businesses evolve over time with the Internet being the biggest catalyst for change in recent years. For many estate agents the need for multiple offices has changed.

Mark: “With over 30 years in the business we have seen some big changes; yes, the era of multiple offices may have past, but the need for a professional service has never been greater. In short, for many the internet provides little more than a channel for on-line advertising and while this may suit some, for many people buying and selling a house is a huge undertaking with multiple areas that have to be considered and covered; at Julian Marks we combine the best of the internet with the traditional values and service levels that buyers and sellers need – for peace of mind if nothing else.”

The Julian Marks Offer is centred on providing access to a quality and professional service, where everything is geared around the customer; it’s all about providing that all-encompassing service where the lay of the land is known and where all the details are looked after. And it’s this approach that Jacqui and Pauline also take with their work in Coralline Health; a further example of a fully managed service where everything is taken care of.

Jacqui Shaw: “Coralline Health have been providing Julian Marks with healthcare cover for many years. There are many similarities between Julian Marks and Coralline Health; we both provide a comprehensive, fully managed and personal service where we work with our customers to ensure that no detail is left to chance and that everything is covered off from start to finish … no hassle and no worries.”

Julian: “We met Jacqui and we liked both the level of cover and the personal touch, but more than that we also appreciated the experience and consistency of service. Jacqui was there at the start and Jacqui remains our point of contact now – visiting us two or three times every year.”

Mark: “If we have a question or a claim we simply pick up the phone and Jacqui sorts it all out; it boils down to care and continuity; working with people that you trust over time is so valuable; it’s a million miles away from queuing in a call centre to speak with yet another person who often has no idea who you are at all.”

So, what about the predictions in 2018? One thing is for sure: going through an estate agent like Julian Marks will provide you with access to the highest degree of experience and expertise, so if you are thinking of making a change it may be worth tapping into this knowledge. And likewise, with your health planning; if you have new circumstances or perhaps making a change – give Coralline Health a call… our aim is also to be the best in what we provide… and to stay there!

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