Jacqui Shaw

have the best part of 20 years’ experience working within the insurance industry and I can honestly say that it can, despite first appearances, be a great deal of fun! For example, with my first job at Travelex Group I travelled far and wide in Europe and Asia, working with big business to support their insurance needs and in my Management role at Budget Insurance Group I helped major brands to expand into all kinds of insurance from retail to cars and home policies. Before setting up our own business I had a spell in London with Marsh Insurance Brokers specifically running their insurance led employee benefits division, which I really loved.

After many years of proudly serving our clients at Coralline Health, my work focus is now on the leadership and development of the company.

one thing that you will never hear when you call us.

“Sorry for keeping you on hold – please can I take your customer reference number?”

We recognise that everyone is an individual and we all have different needs and it’s our job to provide you with the most appropriate health insurance cover. To us you are not a number, you are a person or a business that we know, that we have met and who we continue to work closely with whenever you need us.