Amy Strickland

Asking questions is not always that easy. Quite often people are worried; they think that what they want to know is too simple or trivial; that somehow they should know the answers already, but the truth is that it’s often the simplest questions that are the most important and these questions need to be asked… and answered. I think that this is where real Customer Service starts and that is why I love working with people to help them find the answers that they need – whatever their question.

Since I left college much of my career has been in Customer Support; I have worked with large corporations in various aspects including recruitment and insurance, joining WPA in 2004 where I worked from the Head Office; being up to date with health products and regulation was and remains an essential part of my job, but I also provided training and support to WPA individuals and teams.

After having my second child in 2015 I left WPA and joined Pauline and Jacqui at Coralline Health, bringing across many years of experience not only in health insurance products, but also in how best to process claims with WPA. It’s a great fit; I have always admired how Jacqui and Pauline dedicate themselves to their customers and am glad to be part of the team.