Enterprise Health

We understand that each company is different, and that you want to protect and reward your staff with private medical insurance which reflects your business budget and needs. WPA’s Enterprise Health scheme for 10 to 200 insured members is extremely flexible. Whether you are looking to start a new group scheme with us, or if you are looking to switch providers, we can help you create a bespoke offering where each employee can have different benefits tailored just to them.

Private medical cover is regarded as a highly valued benefit by employees. With flexible joining terms that allow members of staff with existing private medical insurance to transfer their cover to WPA’s Enterprise Health scheme, or those currently not insured, we’ve worked hard to ensure the group scheme will appeal to all your staff.

With private medical cover, should your employee become unwell you can help them get quicker access to the best healthcare possible. However, your employees don’t have to be ill to benefit from the Enterprise Health group scheme. They can also get money back for routine healthcare costs such as dental treatments or eye tests and glasses/contact lenses and much more. Benefits include access to an invaluable Employee Assistance Programme(EAP). An EAP will keep your staff engaged and productive, as well as minimising the impact of any external distractions on employees’ ability to function or focus while at work.

Our expert team are here to help if you’d like to talk through how to create the best group scheme for your staff. When the group scheme is up and running, we can take care of all the ongoing administration, including providing annual claims usage reports so you understand how your team are benefiting from the group scheme. We can also help to conduct work site briefings for your team individually, or as a group, about how to make full use of their Enterprise Health group scheme. Leaving you free to focus on what you do best, running your business.

By investing in your workforce, you’ll encourage your staff to focus on their wellbeing. Underpinning your wider business reward strategy to drive sustainable improvements in business performance.

Employer benefits
  • Reduce staff absenteeism due to ill-health.
  • Improve staff wellbeing for a healthier workforce.
  • Improve productivity by employees getting quicker access to private medical treatments.
  • Attract and retain the highest calibre staff by including our Enterprise Health group scheme in your wider reward strategy.
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Programme which includes stress management, counselling and professional managerial support for the workplace.
Employee benefits
  • Comprehensive private medical insurance covering in-patient, day-patient, and out-patient treatments.
  • Unlimited choice of hospital, specialist or healthcare professional.
  • Optional cancer cover, including drugs not readily available on the NHS.
  • Cash back on dental treatments, eye tests, prescription glasses, contact lenses.
  • Discounted gym membership, golfing, spa breaks, opticians, health screening and assessments.
What isn’t covered
  • Pre-existing medical conditions (if fully medically underwritten)
  • Long term chronic conditions.
  • Injuries sustained through winter sports.
  • Childbirth, fertility or neonatal treatment.